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Talk Will Explore the Risks of Sitting at a Desk all Day

People who sit at desks for large parts of their day are placing their health at serious risk, an expert in physical activity will tell audience members at The Hive next week.

‘Sitting disease’, as it has been dubbed by the media, is becoming an increased problem with the health risks likened to that of smoking.

Professor Derek Peters, of the University of Worcester, said: “Many jobs that involve computer use have reported employees spending the majority of every working day sitting, with few breaks away from the desk.

“This type of sedentary behaviour has been identified as an independent risk factor for a number of ill-health conditions and more recently mortality, even in those who are physically active at other times of the day.

Professor Peters will deliver a talk of how to 'Activate your Workspace: the benefits of workspace physical activity' on Wednesday, April 1 at 6pm. It is the latest in the Professorial Lecture Series taking place at The Hive.

Professor Peters’ talk will explore the evidence for the impact of different types of active workstations, such as standing desks, on reducing sedentary behaviours and the potential health-related benefits for the individual, in addition to examining the impact (both positive and negative) that using such active workstations may have on work performance.

Professor Peters’ talk will culminate in outlining emerging sit-stand desk based research projects at the University of Worcester, along with identifying future research directions that will be highly relevant to employers with desk-based employees, as well as those responsible for student health & wellbeing at all levels of education.

There is no charge for the Professorial Lectures.

Tickets can be collected from The Hive Level 1 Information Pod and the University of Worcester main reception.

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