Spring at The Hive

Battle of Worcester Society Collection - Launch Event

Wednesday 24 April, 6:30pm-8pm

The Hive is proud to be unveiling a new collection of books donated by the Battle of Worcester Society and you are invited to the official launch event. The Battle of Worcester Society has donated over £1,000 worth of books on the English Civil Wars of 1642-1651 in general and about the Battle of Worcester in particular. Amongst the donated volumes are not only valuable rare editions but also the latest and most costly works, including essays and diaries shedding new light on figures like Oliver Cromwell. This collection is intended to make research resources on this topic more accessible and readily available to students and the public alike. 

Join us for a first look at the collection and hear speakers from the Battle of Worcester Society, The Hive, Worcestershire Archives & Archaeology Service and the University of Worcester.

This event is free but spaces are limited - book your place here.


University of Worcester Public Lecture Series: 
Consent from Early Years to Teens with Holly Barnes-Bennetts

Tuesday 21 May, 6:30pm-8pm

Consent is not just a sexual issue but a social issue. In a post #MeToo world people are more and more aware of the 'issue' of sexual consent. We can see this reflected in the changes to the UK Relationship and Sex Education curriculum in 2021 which was amended to include education on consent. The problem with this is that consent is a broad concept with links to issues of bodily autonomy, respect and empathy which simply cannot be taught during one hour in secondary school.

This talk looks at how we might go about embedding the concept of consent in the minds of the next generation from their early years. We will discuss teaching children and young people to understand their own bodily autonomy, develop personal boundaries and to respect that of others, and supporting childhood empathy. This will lead into a discussion of how to support the development of these practices in teenagers, particularly in the area of sexual intimacy.

The University of Worcester Public Lecture Series aims to provide an opportunity for the public to engage with academic research as it is developed, and providing a platform for academic researchers to share their work. 

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