The building

Design & Environment

The Hive is a building that responds to its brief and setting, and uses sustainable materials that will endure. It is accessible by all people, provides a safe environment and is welcoming to anyone who comes through the doors. To help users identify where they feel most comfortable, each area within The Hive is defined by colour, lighting and acoustics to create distinct and appropriate zones.

Innovative Design Features

The building uses renewable energy and has exemplar recycling facilities throughout, demonstrating best practice. It has been designed to be a instructive building, educating staff, users and visitors and influencing a new generation of public buildings in Worcester and beyond.

We have sought to make the building's form and fabric temper the internal environment, thus minimising the need for mechanical systems. Where these are required they have been specified to have a minimal environmental impact and to make maximum use of renewable resources. The building is designed to be well sealed and insulated to avoid incidental losses, and glazing and shading devices are orientated to minimise unnecessary gains.

The building makes maximum use of controlled natural light and ventilation with controls and local manual override to ensure the comfort of users throughout the building. Materials have been selected to minimise embodied energy and generation of toxins in manufacture, use and ultimate disposal. Where possible materials will be recycled and locally sourced and the design allows for the building structure and fabric to be recycled at the end of its life. Water use is minimised by the specification of water saving fittings and the recycling of grey water.

Green travel is facilitated via cycle parking, provision of staff showers and excellent connections to public transport.

Temperature Regulation

In all public areas the heating and cooling is controlled automatically to maintain comfortable room temperatures. The majority of heating and cooling is by radiant effect from the concrete ceilings which have pipework embedded in them. The majority of the building is naturally ventilated by automatic windows. Read more.