Fantasy Worlds

Join us from January to March 2024 to explore the countless worlds that Fantasy brings us. A variety of events, lecture presentations and talks about the genre of fantasy to engage and intrigue, as well as a variety of events screened live from the British Library...


Lecture presentation: Witchcraft and Children's Books with Profs Darren Oldridge and Jean Webb

Wednesday 27 March, 7pm-8pm

For centuries witchcraft has inspired fascination and fear - and also many kinds of entertainment. In this talk Profs Darren Oldridge and Jean Webb examine the history of witchcraft and its incorporation into modern fiction for children and young adults. As they reveal, the witch of children's literature has kept some of the qualities of her historical ancestors, but also undergone some magical transformations. 

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Screening: Black to the Future presents The Other in Fantasy

Tuesday 26 March, 6pm-7:30pm

Exploring representation in fantasy.

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